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lots of bikes parked outside station

Bikes at Ghent station

Fabrica and our project partner Netwerk have decided to apply for funding from the EU funding programme Culture. This would enable us to work with new contemporary visual art organisations from across the whole of Europe. Currently through the 2 Seas Interreg programme we are limited to working with the coastal regions of Northern France, Flanders and a part of the coastal region of the Netherlands.

We attended the Culture in Motion Conference in Brussels 15 & 16  Feb to learn more about the programme and research potential new partners. After some delay on Eurostar we arrived in Brussels where they were no buses or underground because of lightning strikes. Unfortunately we’d missed lunch but arrived just as the conference started.

The first day was the most interesting with presentation of past projects, my favourites were these:

H.O.M.E Streetopia (House for Open Mobility Exchange) have set up a network with the aim of using existing tools and facilities to make it easier and cheaper for artists to circulate around Europe to develop projects in public spaces. They want to avoid the administration, accommodation and organisational  costs that can be very prohibitive for artists’ collaborations.

readme.cc a virtual meeting place for communication about books.

emare.eu the European Media Art Network brings together European media labs including FACT in Liverpool and VIVID in Birmingham.

amitie.it is a network of museum educators/cultural facilitators developing programmes and disseminating training for museums involved in adult education.

After meeting as many contacts as possible the next day we got together with Netwerk to research and draw up a short list of potential partners to contact. The application deadline is 1 Oct 2011 and we need one or two partners. The next step is to go and visit them.

4 people sitting around table with laptops

Researching organisations in Europe with Netwerk


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