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Sculpture on ceiling of gallery

John Grade's preview at L'H du Siège

No snow, strikes or delays this time. We got to the preview of La Chasse (The Hunt) at L’H du Siège on 7 January. John exhibited The Elephant Bed at Fabrica in July 2009 so we were eager to see him again, he’s a lovely person and I think one of  the most interesting artists I’ve met in the 10 years I’ve been at Fabrica.

He spent 3 months in residence, most of the time in the forest at Parc Naturel Régionale Scarpe-Escaut where he explored the floating peat forests and the slag heaps left over from  coal mining  and made a 3 dimensional floor plan of the gallery in the forest. He also took part in a hunt, as a beater, which was the basis of the video he exhibited, his first video.  He brought all this back to the gallery to produce another superb exhibition. Here is a link to the video exhibited in La Chasse and go to John’s website for more info on his work. It’s on until 19 February if you want to go.


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CEMEA & Leonardo

I met up with Camel Guecioueur, head of Professional Training and International Activity at CEMEA Nord Pas de Calais. Camel is applying for EU Leonardo funding for the VET programme, Vocational Education and Training, so if it’s successful Fabrica and Dock Europe in Hamburg will host some of CEMEA’s trainee youth workers for 3 months next September. It’s an exciting opportunity for them, they will be integrated into our volunteer programme and help develop and deliver activities for the public during our autumn exhibition. What’s very important is they’ll be able to improve their English, an essential skill for any European looking for work. The programme provides all their travel and accommodation costs with a tiny subsistence allowance, not bad,  hopefully they’ll have some fun in Brighton.

We find out in March if we’re successful then I’ll go over in June and be part of the selection panel, I want to make sure we get passionate candidates that will fit in with the volunteer team.

CEMEA are leaving their current premises on 118 blvd de la Liberté this month for bigger and better premises a few streets away. It’s going to feel strange after all the projects we’ve taken part in over the past 9 years, feels like the marking of a new era with CEMEA.

Stack of empty boxes in corridor

CEMEA packing up

4 people sitting table 1 wearing blue paper beard

CEMEA trainees in workshop responding to a performance seen the night before

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January started with very sad news. Our LCP colleague and friend Patrick Merckaert, passed away on 12 January. He was the Artistic Director of Boem in Zwalm, Belgium and an artist. Since 1997 he’s invited artists from across Europe and beyond to discover and respond to the landscape  of the Flemish Ardennes by taking part in the biennial  Kunst&Zwalm.

It’s not just a sculpture trail, it’s more like a series of artworks that temporarily allows you to enter into the life of an area. Patrick achieved this by succeeding in involving a large number of the local community from farmers to the local Count. He had vision, integrity and a great sense of humour,  he will be very missed.

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